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Welcome to DataViz! One of the latest Data Science Central Community Channels devoted entirely to all things Data Viz / Infographics and covering News, Tools and Techniques related to the storytelling phase of Big Data.


10 Visualizations Every Data Scientist Should Know

Ancient ruins are sometimes discovered after long years investigating regions of the world covered by dense jungle or giant forests. The feeling of an archaeologist at that moment of discovery gives a window into the feeling data scientists often… Continue

3 Ways data visualization will advance and impact users

The term data visualization was coined a couple of years ago. But storytelling finds its roots in the earliest of times. Using characters events event sequences locations time periods emotions numbers etc. storytelling has always fascin...

First steps with leading data visualization programs.

Article was originally published on author's blog here. Learning to use data visualization programs Imagine spending countless hours analyzing your data and finding a meaningful insight that can help shape direction of your business the only...

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