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72 Infographics about big data

Guest blog post by Mirko Krivanek

From BigData-Startups. The infographics below is just one of them.

Here's the list:

  1. How The USA Federal Government Thinks Big With Data
  2. Are You Ready For The Future of the Internet of Things?
  3. How Big Data Centers Impact the Environment
  4. A Look Into How Data Centers Actually Work
  5. How Big Data Gives Retailers a Competitive Edge and Boosts Growth
  6. How We Are Heading Towards a Smart Planet with The Internet of Things
  7. How Data Disasters Can Seriously Harm Your Company
  8. How Data Mining & Decision Support Systems Can Create A Powerful Marketing Strategy
  9. Five Myths Marketers Believe About Big Data
  10. The Explosion of the Internet of Things
  11. What Are The Trends: A Big Data Survey
  12. How The Internet of Things Will Make Our World Smart- Infographic
  13. Big Data Analytics Trends for 2014
  14. How Big Data Will Improve Decision Making in Your Organisation
  15. How M2M Data Will Have a Major Impact by 2020
  16. The World’s Most Unusual Data Centers
  17. 7 Ways Big Data Could Revolutionize Our Lives by 2020
  18. 5 Ways To Become Extinct As Big Data Evolves
  19. Why Marketers Should Stop Worrying And Start Loving Big Data
  20. In The World Of Digital Storage, Size Does Matter
  21. Maximize Online Sales With Product Recommendations
  22. Understanding The Various Sources of Big Data
  23. The Who, What and Why of Big Data
  24. Customers Sharing Their Personal Data Should Be Cared For
  25. Is Bad Data A Hazard For Your Customer Experience
  26. What The Consumer Really Thinks Of Data Privacy
  27. Financial Services Firms Leveraging Big Data
  28. A Reality Gap Exists With Big Data Initiatives
  29. Smart Cities Turn Big Data Into Insight
  30. Using Big Data To Predict Dengue Fever And Malaria Outbreaks
  31. Keeping Track Of The People Keeping Track Of You
  32. Are European Companies Ready For Big Data?
  33. How Are Companies Organising Their Big Data Initiatives
  34. 10 Greatest Challenges Preventing Businesses From Capitalizing On Big Data
  35. What Will The World Look Like When We Connect The Unconnected
  36. What Is The Value Of The Internet Of Things
  37. What Are The Real Costs Of A Data Breach
  38. How Google Applies Big Data To Know You
  39. How To Put Big Data To Work
  40. How To Become More Competitive With Big Data
  41. How Big Data Can Help To Minimize Attacks On Your Digital Assets
  42. How Can Big Data Improve Education
  43. A Closer Look Into The Future Big Data Ecosystem
  44. Data Lovers vs. Data Haters
  45. How The Internet Of Things Will Create A Smart World
  46. 8 Industries That Could Benefit From Big Data
  47. Five Steps To Data-Driven Marketing
  48. Big Data is Big Business in Banking
  49. The body as a source of big data
  50. Is your data secure?
  51. The viability of big data
  52. A visualization of the world’s largest data breaches
  53. The long road to become a big data scientist
  54. The illustrious big data scientist
  55. What data do the five largest tech companies collect
  56. Getting sales and marketing aligned with big data
  57. Big Data in the Supply Chain
  58. The promise of big personalization
  59. Understanding the growing world of bytes
  60. The history of predictive analytics
  61. The Big Data Industry Atlas
  62. CIOs and Big Data
  63. How retailers can deal with big data
  64. The importance of Big Data Governance
  65. Big Data and the possibilities with Hadoop
  66. Big Data brings big benefits, but what are the costs of too much data?
  67. Giving employees access to big data has big potential
  68. Big Data will transform healthcare
  69. Five opportunities to effectively and efficiently analyze big data
  70. Challenging the traditional RDBMS Status Quo
  71. Big data is Big News
  72. Big Data Snapshot

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