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Guest blog post by Nilesh Jethwa

Ever wondered why certain countries have certain colors in their flags, why it has certain symbols and what are the different patterns?

We started digging through, checking a Wikipedia article on this topic.

This was a good start but we wanted to go deeper so we manually started eye balling each flag to understand the patterns and symbols.

We needed to figure out what we can extract from the flags and there were three prominent elements.

  1. A flag has one or more than one color (e.g red, blue etc)
  2. Most often flags have geometric patterns (horizontal stripes, vertical stripes)
  3. Lot of flags also have some kind of symbol (e.g. chakra, yin-yang, stars, sun)

Our task was then to go through each flag and note down all the distinct colors, prominent patterns and symbols.

Then we ran some analysis on the collected data and published into a finished dashboard

The final output of the analysis gives us answers to questions like

  1. What are the common geometrical patterns found in country flags
  2. What are the various symbols found in flags
  3. What are the dominant colors in flags
  4. What is the most dominant alphabet in country names

For this research, we manually eye-balled each country flag and tried to decipher the geometrical patterns and symbols within it.

Here is the full compiled dataset (on Google doc). 

The analysis was done using InfoCaptor Dashboards and you can read the full analysis including live dashboards

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