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D3.js is a JavaScript library for illustrating data using open web standards such as HTML, CVG & CSS. The advantage of the D3 is that you can use it to represent data based on freely available web standards instead of any specific proprietary web standards.

We will illustrate the power of the data visualization framework using a complex & interactive Chord Diagram to show linkages between various designers of Apple’s design team.

We analyzed 380 patents of Apple’s head designer, Jonathan Ive. We then showed his colleagues who were listed most often as co-inventors on the 380 patents.

The full interactive D3 Chord Visualization is available here.

The above diagram shows Daniel J Coster as the co-inventor who worked with Ive on the most patents and is represented with the largest slice. The slice gets smaller as the number of patents co-invented with Ive reduces. For example, Steve Jobs has only 161 common patents of the total 380 patents that Ive was listed on.

The beauty of the D3 framework is the interactive nature of the charts. When we click on Steve Jobs’s name, the various lines & its relative breadth shows the number of patents that were co-invented by Jobs & other colleagues. This interactivity is hard to obtain in other data visualization frameworks that ar not proprietary and just rely on open web standards. 

The details on the Javascript code to do the Chord Visualization is given here:

For other types of D3 visualizations, check out the gallery here:

The Git Hub Repository with examples is given here:


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