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Guest blog post by Data Science Girl

Fantastic resource created by Andrea Motosi. I've only included the 5 categories that are the most relevant to our audience, though it has 31 categories total, including a few on distributed systems and Hadoop. Click here to view the 31 categories. You might also want to check our our our internal resources (the first section below).

Source: Machine Learning and Face Recognition Papers

Data Science Central - Resources

Machine Learning

  • Apache Mahout: machine learning library for Hadoop
  • Ayasdi Core: tool for topological data analysis
  • brain: Neural networks in JavaScript
  • Cloudera Oryx: real-time large-scale machine learning
  • Concurrent Pattern: machine learning library for Cascading
  • convnetjs: Deep Learning in Javascript. Train Convolutional Neural Networks (or ordinary ones) in your browser
  • Decider: Flexible and Extensible Machine Learning in Ruby
  • etcML: text classification with machine learning
  • Etsy Conjecture: scalable Machine Learning in Scalding
  • Google Sibyl: System for Large Scale Machine Learning at Google
  • H2O: statistical, machine learning and math runtime for Hadoop
  • IBM Watson: cognitive computing system
  • MLbase: distributed machine learning libraries for the BDAS stack
  • MLPNeuralNet: Fast multilayer perceptron neural network library for iOS and Mac OS X
  • nupic: Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing: a brain-inspired machine intelligence platform, and biologically accurate neural network based on cortical learning algorithms
  • PredictionIO: machine learning server buit on Hadoop, Mahout and Cascading
  • scikit-learn: scikit-learn: machine learning in Python
  • Spark MLlib: a Spark implementation of some common machine learning (ML) functionality
  • Sparkling Water: combine H2OÕs Machine Learning capabilities with the power of the Spark platform
  • Vahara: Machine learning and natural language processing with Apache Pig
  • Viv: global platform that enables developers to plug into and create an intelligent, conversational interface to anything
  • Vowpal Wabbit: learning system sponsored by Microsoft and Yahoo!
  • WEKA: suite of machine learning software
  • Wit: Natural Language for the Internet of Things
  • Wolfram Alpha: computational knowledge engine


  • Arbor: graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery
  • CartoDB: open-source or freemium hosting for geospatial databases with powerful front-end editing capabilities and a robust API
  • Chart.js: open source HTML5 Charts visualizations
  • Crossfilter: avaScript library for exploring large multivariate datasets in the browser. Works well with dc.js and d3.js
  • Cubism: JavaScript library for time series visualization
  • Cytoscape: JavaScript library for visualizing complex networks
  • D3: javaScript library for manipulating documents
  • DC.js: Dimensional charting built to work natively with crossfilter rendered using d3.js. Excellent for connecting charts/additional metadata to hover events in D3
  • Envisionjs: dynamic HTML5 visualization
  • Freeboard: pen source real-time dashboard builder for IOT and other web mashups
  • Gephi: An award-winning open-source platform for visualizing and manipulating large graphs and network connections
  • Google Charts: simple charting API
  • Grafana: graphite dashboard frontend, editor and graph composer
  • Graphite: scalable Realtime Graphing
  • Highcharts: simple and flexible charting API
  • IPython: provides a rich architecture for interactive computing
  • Keylines: toolkit for visualizing the networks in your data
  • Matplotlib: plotting with Python
  • NVD3: chart components for d3.js
  • Peity: Progressive SVG bar, line and pie charts
  • Easy-to-use web service that allows for rapid creation of complex charts, from heatmaps to histograms. Upload data to create and style charts with Plotly’s online spreadsheet. Fork others’ plots.
  • Recline: simple but powerful library for building data applications in pure Javascript and HTML
  • Redash: open-source platform to query and visualize data
  • Sigma.js: JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing
  • Vega: a visualization grammar

Graph Databases

  • Apache Giraph: implementation of Pregel, based on Hadoop
  • Apache Spark Bagel: implementation of Pregel, part of Spark
  • ArangoDB: multi model distribuited database
  • Facebook TAO: TAO is the distributed data store that is widely used at facebook to store and serve the social graph
  • Faunus: Hadoop-based graph analytics engine for analyzing graphs represented across a multi-machine compute cluster
  • Google Cayley: open-source graph database
  • Google Pregel: graph processing framework
  • GraphLab PowerGraph: a core C++ GraphLab API and a collection of high-performance machine learning and data mining toolkits built on top of the GraphLab API
  • GraphX: resilient Distributed Graph System on Spark
  • Gremlin: graph traversal Language
  • InfiniteGraph: distributed graph database
  • Infovore: RDF-centric Map/Reduce framework
  • Intel GraphBuilder: tools to construct large-scale graphs on top of Hadoop
  • MapGraph: Massively Parallel Graph processing on GPUs
  • Neo4j: graph database writting entirely in Java
  • OrientDB: document and graph database
  • Phoebus: framework for large scale graph processing
  • Sparksee: scalable high-performance graph database
  • Titan: distributed graph database, built over Cassandra
  • Twitter FlockDB: distribuited graph database


  • Actian Ingres: commercially supported, open-source SQL relational database management system
  • BayesDB: statistic oriented SQL database
  • Cockroach: Scalable, Geo-Replicated, Transactional Datastore
  • Datomic: distributed database designed to enable scalable, flexible and intelligent applications
  • FoundationDB: distributed database, inspired by F1
  • Google F1: distributed SQL database built on Spanner
  • Google Spanner: globally distributed semi-relational database
  • H-Store: is an experimental main-memory, parallel database management system that is optimized for on-line transaction processing (OLTP) applications
  • HandlerSocket: NoSQL plugin for MySQL/MariaDB
  • IBM DB2: object-relational database management system
  • InfiniSQL: infinity scalable RDBMS
  • MemSQL: in memory SQL database witho optimized columnar storage on flash
  • NuoDB: SQL/ACID compliant distributed database
  • Oracle Database: object-relational database management system
  • Oracle TimesTen in-Memory Database: in-memory, relational database management system with persistence and recoverability
  • Pivotal GemFire XD: Low-latency, in-memory, distributed SQL data store. Provides SQL interface to in-memory table data, persistable in HDFS
  • SAP HANA: is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system
  • SenseiDB: distributed, realtime, semi-structured database
  • Sky: database used for flexible, high performance analysis of behavioral data
  • SymmetricDS: open source software for both file and database synchronization
  • Teradata Database: complete relational database management system
  • VoltDB: in-memory NewSQL database


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