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Guest blog post by BDV_Works

Most of the current market solutions are client-side web APIs based, it is very hard to map and plot more than 50,000 location-based data points. Your browser will time-out or fail to response...

Our BDV Engine® is a server-side based software visualization engine that provides a method for organizations to analyze and visualize the Big Data.  The software has the capabilities for Clustering, Rendering and Displaying Big Data on map.   

It is a copyrighted and trademarked software solution that brings unmatched performance, capacity and efficiency to any application interested in using or understanding data in a geographic context. By supporting your enterprise-wide data sources and workflows, It offers a superior means for  handling Big Data (can be as Big as 200 million records), support rapid response, and provide actionable information.  A single server powered by BDV Engine® can outperform the best solutions on the market by at least 10 times in terms of processing powers, capacities and features.

BDV Engine® allows sophisticated geographic/locational queries and analysis of 100 to 200 million records in less than 15 seconds.  For records less than 10 million, the response to your web browsers or mobile devices can be faster than 1 second.

The engine brings true rapid-response, next generation of dynamic mapping/clustering, business intelligence and visualization techniques to the cooperate world.

Key Features:

  • Publishes results in map or table formats to your web browser, mobile device or dashboard. 

  • Integrates seamlessly into any enterprise business platform, using your current system architectures (databases, BI reporting cubes) without affecting security, deployment capabilities or  scalability.

  • Output, in JSON format, is easily consumed and used by web applications and developers, allowing for fast and efficient incorporation into existing applications and databases.

  • Supports Google Map APIs, Bing Map APIs, Esri Map APIs, Nokia (Here) MAP APIs, Oracle Map/Web APIs, Open Source APIs, C#, Java and PHP.

Please check out more details on our site.

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