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Guide to Dashboard Design

Guest blog post by Zach Gemignani

This is Juice Analytics' popular "Guide to Creating Dashboards People Love." The whitepaper has three sections:

* Part 1 (Foundation) helps you identify your target audience, understand what type of dashboard you want to create and why it is valuable to your organization.
* Part 2 (Structure) helps you start on designing your dashboard, including what form it should take, how to design for audience understanding, and what navigation, interactions, and capabilities will make your dashboard useful and engaging.
* Part 3 (Information Design) dives into the details of interface and information design. You will learn how to lay out your dashboard and best practices for charting and data presentation.


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  • Informative article and well documented!
    The dashboard is usually the one page that the users see first thing in the web application. I noticed that you have talked about one more important part of the dashboards- The Visualizations. It would be great to read your views on best practices about incorporating visualizations in dashboards. As you said, simple and focused is basic. We have written about what makes a good analytics dashboard and our focus is around KPIs. We urge our clients to steer away from making a dashboard a report or a substitute for their analytics platform.

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