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David Burden posted a blog post
Getting data into a 3D environment in order to be able to fly through it and to be able to project it fully into 3 dimensions may seem like a daunting prospect. In this post I'll show you the basic workflow we're using in Datascape so that you can g…
Feb 18, 2017
David Burden posted a blog post
Been trying to pull together a taxonomy of 3D data viz. Biggest difference is I think between allocentric (data moves) and egocentric (you move) viewpoints. The difference between whether you then view/explore the egocentric 3D visualisation on a 2D…
Dec 10, 2016
David Burden shared their blog post on Facebook
Jun 6, 2016
David Burden posted a blog post
Back in 2012 we released Datascape, a general purpose 3D immersive data visualisation applications. We are now getting ready to release our 2nd generation application – Datascape2XL, which allows you to plot and interact with over 15 million data po…
Jun 3, 2016
David Burden replied to Andrei Macsin's discussion 3-D Visualizations with rotating charts, for small and big data
"Our Datascape application will let you do most of that, although rotation is of the camera rather than the object (but same result). More info at and video demos at
The latest…"
Jun 2, 2016

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