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Vincent Granville posted a blog post
How do you convey a powerful message in just one picture? 

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Aug 13, 2017
Vincent Granville posted a blog post
Guest blog.
D3.js is a JavaScript library for illustrating data using open web standards such as HTML, CVG & CSS. The advantage of the D3 is that you can use it to represent data based on freely available web standards instead of any specific propri…
Apr 5, 2015
Vincent Granville posted a blog post
Great article published in Here are a few of the most spectacular ones.
1. Privatization of the Internet backbone (1994)

2. Chrome taking over the world (animated image: click on picture to see animation)

3. Places with no broadband acces…
Mar 16, 2015
Vincent Granville posted a blog post
This is a guest blog post.
Ever wanted to quickly visually share some data with your colleagues or with the world and struggled with the tools available? After sharing the data, what if the viewer wanted to zoom in on a specific location, city or to…
Jan 29, 2015
Vincent Granville posted a blog post
Guest blog post by Alex Jones.
Post adapted from Correlation vs Causation: Visualization, Statistics, and Intuition!

As someone who has a tendency to think in numbers, I love when success is quantifiable.

However, I suppose that means I must acce…
Jan 13, 2015

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